1. Turnkey Solutions. Genwave Technologies is a Total System Integrator. Our strength is in delivering turnkey solutions for our clients, customized for their specific requirements. Our approach involves working closely with the Client on the desired outcomes & objectives which are then captured in a Statement of Work. Genwave will then design, build, commission & provide ongoing support for the system.

2. Safety Code 6 & Other Regulatory Standards Assurance. As an EMF Visual Partner, Genwave has the tools to do the most complete and accurate Safety Code 6 standards assessment. As a professional engineering firm, Genwave will perform the analysis and seal a formal attestation for Industry Canada or other regulatory entities. Genwave’s team of RF engineers will provide site design, predictions, documentation, assurance or validation of a particular installation’s compliance with Safety Code 6, City of Toronto’s Prudent Avoidance Policy or other applicable Biomedical standards.

3. 4th Generation Wi-Fi. Genwave is a Partner for all leading Wi-Fi suppliers: Ruckus, Cisco, Aruba, Meru/Fortinet, Open Mesh, Allied Telesis and more. We have solutions for Wi-Fi technology that eliminates many of the legacy Wi-Fi platform issues: Co-channel interference, channel mapping, reduced capacity/throughput. Meru’s single channel technology allows for layers for applications. Healthcare is an example – Life Critical Layer, Mission Critical Layer and Consumer Critical Layer – all separate and secure. We work with you to determine the best solution for your applications, environment and deliverables.

4. System Design. Design and Engineering services for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Wireless LAN (WLAN), Narrowband or Broadband systems, for new installations or upgrades.


  • Deliverables. Our culture ensures that our engineers and project managers work closely with our Clients to ensure the design will meet your objectives for coverage, range, capacity and budget.

5. System Build. Genwave technologists are highly skilled with years of RF experience in new construction, enhancements & upgrades. The Genwave team is available to assist on a full program management basis or we can provide in-fill support for key stages to meet deadlines.

6. System Monitoring & Support. Genwave provides system monitoring, documentation, drawings, maintenance protocols, training, preventative maintenance as well as on-call 24/7 system restoral services.

7. Noise & Interference Resolution. Passive Intermodulation (“PIM”), Active Intermodulation (“AIM”) and RF noise (simple or compound) can seriously degrade a system’s performance. Genwave performs multi-level interference noise investigation and resolution.

8. Performance Benchmarking. System performance benchmarking utilizing signal level sampling, drive/walk tests, multi-frequency sampling, issue mapping & recommendations within project documentation.

9. Coverage Analysis. In building or wide area propagation (coverage) predictions, maps, & comparative analysis. Genwave uses iBWave technology for in building predictions.

10. RF Engineering Services. Genwave offers RF engineering & consulting services, whether it’s for a few hours of validation or for a larger project that spans many years. Genwave is a professional engineering firm certified under the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

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